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Marco Turini art

Tanzanite Hunter creation

About Tanzanite Hunter Avatars creation. As an artist, I was tasked with creating avatars. I was inspired by the story of Indiana Jones and knew that I wanted to infuse the avatars with a similar sense of adventure and excitement.

I began by researching the steampunk aesthetic and how I could incorporate it into the avatars. I created various sketches and experimented with different clothing, accessories, and props that would give the avatars a steampunk look. I also considered the function and movement of the avatars in the game, and designed their clothing and accessories accordingly.

For the lights and pictorial effect, I wanted to have a classic oil effect mixed with the power of Blizzard drawings. I familiarized myself with the techniques used in oil paintings, including brushwork, layering, and color theory. I also studied the work of Blizzard, known for its sharp lines and vivid colors, and how they use light and shadow to create a sense of depth and realism.

I experimented with different lighting and color schemes using software such as Photoshop and Painter to create digital paintings and testing out different lighting and color effects.

Finally, the avatars were complete and I was satisfied with the final result. The avatars had the rugged, adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones with a steampunk twist, and the lighting and visual effects were stunning.

Overall, avatar creation is a multi-step process that requires a wide range of skills and techniques. My inspiration from Indiana Jones and my desire to have a classic oil effect mixed with the power of Blizzard drawings required me to familiarize myself with different art styles, lighting, and game engines, in order to create avatars that were both visually striking and highly functional in the game.

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