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Secret Wars: Battleworld 2 - Marvel Comics



''Turini’s art is the high point of this story, as it has a very gritty and realistic aspect that brings the characters to life on the page. ''

'' ...dejando un buen sabor de boca, gracias en buena parte al trabajo de Marco Turini a los lápices y tintas, sucios pero expresivos.''



''This is a dark tale and extremely violent, and Turini doesn’t hold back.''



VWars 8 – IDW


Unleash the fa Boy

”The art is fantastically drawn by Marco Turini, who delivers on the blood and gore, while making it tasteful, which could be done very differently. It is a fantastic comic because the visuals are amazing.”


E.v.a. 3  - Heavy Metal Magazine


Fred HM Blog

”This looks so much like it’s from earlier HM, I’m entranced.  The nicely drawn ridiculous outfits, the cool techno-future environment, the neat watercolor-ish coloring, it’s all so reminiscent.  This entry is huge, 21 pages, with so much fun stuff.  The devil-headed Nachzehrer with a full page of expository dialog, so much that it got me thinking he couldn’t talk like a human with those teeth and no lips, but I don’t care.  The completely stupid but so cool looking but it can’t be comfortable motorcycle.  Platform-high-heeled armor, future torture, the failure of over-reliance on technology.  And with all this, it’s to be “concluded next issue”.  Oh Boy!”


V Wars 7 – IDW


Unleash the Fanboy

”Marco Turini continues to shine as an artist, especially with a politically charge and gruesome comic, such as, this It is something really special.”


V Wars 6  - IDW


Big Glasgow Comics

”Marco Turini takes over from Alan Robinson on pencils and this time the book has a much cleaner look to it. All of the books characters look a lot more like traditional hero types and although the overall book is a lot more detailed it does lose a little of the oppressive grime that Robinson brought with his own art. I do believe most readers will prefer Turini’s work and I can understand why, his art does lend itself well to an action based environment and his Vampires do look fantastic.”

Unleash the Fanboy

”Marco Turini is a great artist that makes the vivid world come to life and creates awesome landscapes for the world. There are different settings in this issue and he spends the time to bring us into this world.”


E.v.a. 2  - Heavy Metal Magazine


Fred HM Blog

”still fantastic to look at, it attempts to wrap up the story with some success and some stones yet unturned, it still reminds me of HM days long past.  what fun.”


CyberForce 9 – Top Cow


Imagination Centre

”The artwork in this issue was also great, and Marco Turini did a fantastic job.”

Unleash the Fanboy

”I’m quite pleased with what Marco Turini has accomplished so far. He offers up a quirky but contained style that may not be up to the level of the series creator, but still offers an experience that’s pleasing to the eyes. Specifically the line work for character renditions and backgrounds, yielding a consistent vibe that made the whole thing into a visual barrage.”


E.v.a. 1  - Heavy Metal Magazine


Fred HM Blog

”This feels like it could have been in the magazine 30+ years ago.  A dystopian techno-future shown with nicely composed art and a sometimes incomprehensible story.  Electromechanically augmented humans fight, characters appear and disappear, rebellion against the established order, this and more.  I wanted to like this more than I did, I wanted it to be more intriguing than confusing.  I still enjoyed it though, and it says to be continued.”


Cyber Force 8 – Top Cow


Unleash the Fanboy

”The art by Marco Turini fits with the text in a way that should get fans excited.  When he first came on at Top Cow, he displayed an ability to handle a large cast. And that’s true with this entry as the illustrator makes use of every inch of his panels, conveying emotion and nuance in order to authenticate every single blow.”


CyberForce 7 – Top Cow


Imagination Centre

”The artwork from Marco Turini on this issue was also brilliant”


CyberForce 6 – TopCow



”This is the first issue illustrated by Marco Turini, and he delivers on all fronts. Turini’s art is the perfect mixture of detail and simplicity with a fluid sense of storytelling that allows the book to flow naturally from panel to panel. His style is very reminiscent of a Alex Maleev (Daredevil) or even Louis Small Jr. (Vampirella), but has enough of his own flair to truly bring the characters to life. Turini is perfect for this book and if Silvestri can keep him for the long haul, then his work is worth the price of admission alone.”


”It’s worth noting that the new artistic team, Marco Turini, Arif Prianto, and Andy Troy, do a fantastic job capturing the look and feel of Cyber Force.”


”The art is handled by Marco Turini, whom does an extraordinary job on the visuals.  From our odd set of allies to their enemies the talent displays a potent grasp of the material that simply invites both inspection and excitement.  I especially enjoyed the smaller moments where expressive faces sold the fluid dialogue of the script in a way that didn’t cheapen the proceedings by any stretch of the imagination.  In short: the illustrator does an excellent job that’s near perfect.”

Metallife Eva

”Top Cow was able to bring in Marco Turini to take over the art duties for Cyber Force. Turini’s art quickly sets the tone for issue 6 with the flash back to Operation Desert Storm, 1991. Only time will tell how his art fits other parts of the tale, but issue 6 has me thinking I just found another artist whose work I will enjoy.”

Comic Hype

”Turini and crew turn out some impressive looking artistry on this one, again, not missing a beat, picking up right where last issue left off with Silvestri’s impressive character designs. A definite welcome art addition to a book that screams big, bad and loud.”

Graphic Policy

”Marco Turini’s art is pretty solid, giving the series a gritty and dirty look that fits the world the story takes place in.”


Legends of the Dark Knight – Dc Comics



”The art is well done and stylized in a way we do not often see”


Artifacts 27 – Top Cow



”…I like the art for the issue. Marco Turini (Squadron Supreme, Ant Unleashed) did an amazing job with the art chores for the issue and manages to make each page standout from previous pages. Though I wish there were more action sequences in the issue to highlight some of more interesting, and best, work, what is presented in “Truths & Destinies” Part 1 is a nice display of his more subtle artistic skills.”

Ace Comics

”Issue #27 of Image‘s Artifacts sees the Magdalena joining Tom Judgein his continuing search for the artifacts and their bearers. Two covers are available for this issue, and we just love Marco Turini‘s fabulous variant, featuring the Magdalena turning towards us, Spear of Destinyin-hand, with the light streaming through the stained-glass windows behind her illuminating the murky shadows of the church in which she is standing. A really beautiful cover with a skillful use of light and shade. Nice work Mr. Turini!

Congrats to Marco and Image, they get the paper crown this week!”

Metal Life

”This is the type of story I love when I read Artifacts, fast paced, action packed and with a touch of humor. Ron Marz storytelling shines in this issue as does the art of Marco Turini. It is an issue that makes me truly wish that Turini would be staying on this title to show us just what he can do with all of the characters. He jumped in with both feet and showed that changing artists isn’t always a bad thing for a book. Sometimes the new blood is just what is needed to re-energize things.Magdalena hasn’t looked this good in … I can’t remember when she last looked this good. Tom Judge comes off the page as the gruff character I have always envisioned him being if he were a real person. Beat down but never defeated, always ready to get back into the fray and not afraid to ask others to do the same. The action scenes had energy that sometimes can be missing when looking at a 2D image. The story moved at a pace that had me on the last page before I knew it and wishing the next issue were coming out today.”


”The artwork is well done, very much in the style of the Witchblade family of books. This was a strong issue, and an easy jumping on point for a new reader.”


”Usual Artifacts artist Stjepan Sejic is missing again and Marco Turini takes the stage again with the main artistic duty. While Turini’s traditional style is a big departure from Sejic’s and the series’ aesthetics as a whole, it’s pretty easy on the eyes. He has a good eye for panel layouts and keeps the pacing interesting without relying on too much repeating visuals. His style is in the same vibe as Joe Eisma’s, but with broader lines. It’s detailed, but not to the point of excess.”

Comics Vine

”The art is Marco Turini who has a much more cartoony style than the super realistic Sejic. It is stille good though and it is nice for a change.”


Unleash the fan Boy


”At first glance the art penciled by Marco Turini yields a different look for this title. His visualizations of the people and backgrounds therein offers function and form that creates a chaotic sense that may not be as strong as the work done by Stjepan Sejic but it still yields something altogether fascinating.  There were a couple panels that could have been handled a bit better and I’m still adjusting to his rendition of the Rapture but in truth I have high hopes for this talent.”


Artifacts 26 – Top Cow


Expert Comics

”Marco Turini really adds his own spice to the pages of this ish as well as lending his style to the series. I’m a big fan of his work as well as Stjepan Šeji? who has done some outstanding work for the series. Turini’s touch on the panels is ashcan; his lines are strong and edged with a patina that make the pages feel significant onto themselves, not an easy feat.  I really dig his Sara Pezzini, she’s tough, smart, and beautiful, all the things you’d expect. He’s great with action sequences and the otherworldly stuff too. Turini delivers.”

Unleash the fan Boy

”Art duties this month shift to Marco Turini who turns in a good job overall.  There are panels where faces or forms seem rather rushed resulting with some off-putting sequences but these are quickly forgotten as the talent gets more comfortable with each passing page.  By the end the illustrator is firing on all proverbial cylinders resulting in a solid visual affair.”

Blue Raven

”about Turini’s art, I think he did an impeccable job in rendering dialogue scenes. The entertaining exchange between Finch and Judge that I mentioned above is great due in large part to his line work. For scenes like this, he’s better able to control space. Not only that, he creates just the right perspective and panel focus to enhance Marz’s script. Turini also gave Tom Judge some of the most character defining faces I’ve seen in a while. Generally, Stjepan Sejic does the art for Artifacts, but regardless of my feelings towards Turini’s pencils in the fight scene, it was refreshing to see a new take on the art.”

 Ron Marz

”Marco’s work shows some obvious sensibilities from his native Italy, so his art is an intriguing mix of European and American influences.”

Metal Life

”While I can say that I enjoyed his work on this issue, I am a bit disappointed that he will not` be staying on this title long enough to truly show us what he could do with the characters and the storytelling of Ron Marz.”