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New Life for E.v.a.

January 12, 2016

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February 9, 2016

BEST COVER NOMINEES  at The Pulp Ark  Awards 2016.


Voting opens on February 5 and will be open until 5 PM CST on February 21, 2016. All who wish to vote are asked to cut and paste the ballot from the Pulp Ark Award Facebook page or any other source where the ballot is posted. Then, the voter is requested to vote only ONCE for each category and to EITHER only list the nominee they are voting for under each category or to highlight the nominee (s) they are voting for in RED. Once they have completed their ballot, voters are asked to email the ballot to PulpArkNewPulpAwards2016@yahoo.com. Each ballot must contain a link to a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an email profile, or some other verifiable source by which the identity of the voter can be affirmed.




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