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New Life for E.v.a.

January 12, 2016

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First Reviews about my Robotech work are impressive!

July 18, 2017

Bleeding Cool

''...the art style is the best part of Robotech. Marco Turini shows a lot of talent in making this expressive and visually appealing comic. It all looks very good, even if there isn’t any fresh creative direction going on with the designs themselves.''

Outright Geekery

''Marco Turini’s art is without question totally mind blowing. For a story so grand and expansive you need someone who can fully capture the essence of what Robotech really is, and Marco is a surefire winner in that aspect. Not only does he capture the grand sci-fi aspect of Robotech, he breathes life into a very colorful and rich cast of characters. It’s very cool seeing updated versions of Rick, Roy, and even Captain Gloval. Macross will shine like never before as long as he’s holding the pencil.'' Art: 5/5

Fortress of Solitude

''If this first issue is any indication, Robotech looks set to be everything fans could want.''

First Comics News

''Beautiful art in this issue...''

Thanks everyone



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