Marco Turini art


Marco Turini Artist

I'm a Professional Artist from Prague.

Born in Italy, near Pisa, in 1973. I have lived in Prague since 2010.



I worked for major comic book publishers in the world, such as Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, Top Cow, Idw, Heavy Metal Magazine, Titan Publishing, Avatar Press, Star Comics, and many more.

Robotech series artist in 2018 for Titan Publishing.

In 2019 he drew "Jabba the Hutt # 1" in the Star Wars series for Marvel / Lucas Film.



I also worked for film productions and game production houses, such as Prologue Vfx (Concepts for Doctor Strange Movie), Union VFX, AlkemiX, and The Artery Vfx.

Official Cover Artist for Assasin's Creed, Deus Ex, Dark Souls, Aliens, Gears of War.

In 2020 Concept Artist and UI Artist of Street Power Football for GamaJun.

- Art Director for Sky Network s.r.o. in Prague ( followed a team of 20 people, we have built Game in Unity, I followed the artistic process of the Graphic aspect, from the general graphics to the UI ).

Won the PULP FACTORY AWARD ( Best Cover Artist )in 2016!



- Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, Image Comics and Boom Studios Cover Artist.

- Concept Artist at Prime Zero ( Los Angeles based VFX movies studio )

Marco Turini