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Marco Turini art


If you wish to order a commission, you may send payment in advance to my PayPal account:

My commission rates are:

- 150 usd per remarque ( 20 min sketch ). 

- 300 usd remarque + watercolor ( 20 min + 20 min )


- 450 usd sketch in watercolor in A3 format ( 1 hour ).


- Detailed commission ink in A4 - 750 usd.


- Detailed commission ink in A3 - 1100 usd.

UP to 3200 usd for a full, cover-quality drawing on A3


for other format or tecnique feel free to email me :)

Be sure to include 3% for PayPal service fees – make payment as “send money to friends and family”. Payment should also include $12.50 for Priority Mail or $22 for FedEx (2-day delivery) or foreign delivery.​
– Please be sure that your home address is included in the order.​

Because of my current work schedule, please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Thank you,

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